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The Team.

We keep a tight ship at UC-G, with an active management team of creatives, when you work with UC-G you work with these people directly...



Piecing together the bigger picture, Jai is constantly ensuring all our paperwork is in order and things backstage are on track...



Prowling every avenue of creative production, Dan frequently questions and pokes around to find the best solution...



Managing our teams of volunteers and ensuring spirits are high, Ray keeps us all on our toes...



Rob is tasked with retaining order and making sense of the strangest scenarios...

About UC-G.

We're a collective of passionate event creators, we're do'ers not naysayers, we like pushing the boundaries, we love chasing a dream and ultimately we relish providing people with a break away from the real world for an hour or two...

Working on a not-for-profit basis, we look to build long lasting relationships with our partners, listening to what their goals are and then building upon that to create something completely immersive, with local business tie in opportunities as well we're constantly trying to bring things back into the circle

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy helping us create then get in contact...

Contact Us.

Contacting us couldn't be simpler, just pop a note to us using the form below and we'll endeavour to contact you back within 24 hours.

For general enquries please use our contact form to the right, and one of our creatives will get back to you.

(+44) 0870 321 456 1
57 The Village, CH63 7PL